Benvenuto, Salut, Hallo

Daniele Varallo

Why do we dance?


At the moment there is a lot to do and a lot of upheaval.... If you would like to know more - please PM me.


We are dancing because movement is the language of our soul.

With dancing, it doesn’t matter whether you started in a dancing school as a child or only recognized as an adult, that dancing is the missing element in your life that you have been searching for so long. Correct steps and technique is not the only thing that makes you a good dancer. Passion lets you stand ou...


We dance because we want to increase our well-being.

„It should be more important to just do things than to really make them perfect“ - this is the credo of Danieles classes. It doesn’t really matter how good you are or how fast you are learning - what matters is the passion to move your body in new ways. The main goal of his classes is always to challenge yourself, to...


We dance to allow free space for non-verbal communication.

We are dancing to express ourselves in non-verbal communication

The choreographies of Daniele are like the person himself: never boring and unique in a special way. He prefers looking beyond the box above using already existing patterns. Like most artists, he is striving to create something new. Si...

About Daniele

I dance because it makes me feel alive.

Whoever knows Daniele Varallo knows that there is a lot in this half-Italian/half-Frenchman. For example a lot of crazy ideas and a concentrated load of energy just waiting to be released. Mostly this happens while dancing, the "missing link" he had been looking for so long and which offers him the perfect opportunity to co...